Offloading sub-second Redshift queries to Postgres using dblink

Data Pipelines Dec 03 2021

At Gamesight we use AWS Redshift to perform the in-database transformations and aggregations for the ELT pipeline that powers our real-time analytics. Redshift’s massively parallel architecture is well suited for this workload and gives us great performance when transforming large amounts of data. Once we have our data summarized we need to be able to expose those metrics to our end users, and this is where Redshift can struggle with some of our workload. →

Replaying S3 Object Creation Lambda Invocations

Data Nov 01 2021

Introduction to the s3-sns-lambda-replay tool which helps manage replaying data to S3 object creation-triggered lambdas. →

Quick Tip: SSL Cert Expiry from Kubernetes Secrets

Quick Tips Mar 15 2020

A quick one-liner for checking SSL cert expiration dates on certificates stored in Kubernetes as Secrets. Specifically, those generated by cert-manager. →

Designing Real-time Reports from S3 Data

Data Feb 29 2020

At Gamesight, we build real-time dashboards so game developers can monitor social activity for their game. Here I compare the different architectures we evaluated for generating reports from data that we have stored in S3. →

Gitops & Declarative Kubernetes

Ops Jan 05 2020

An overview of the approach we adopted at Gamesight for managing our Kubernetes config for both our in-house services and third-party components. →

Docker Explainer: Namespaces & Control Groups

Explainer Jul 21 2019

Ever wondered what is going on under the hood when running a container? This quick explainer definitely won't give you the full picture, but it is at least a good place to start! →

Quick Tip: Bulk Update Github Repo Orgs

Quick Tips Jul 05 2019

A quick one-liner for bulk updating the Organization name in the remote URL for all of your cloned Github repos. This is specifically useful when you rename an Organization in Github. (Hooray for rebranding!) →